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The perfect solution

Visconti, the creator of the travelling ink pot, proudly introduces its '97 Travelling Ink Pot which makes your piston filling fountain pen convenient, easier, cleaner, safer, faster and more enjoyable. The '97 Travelling Ink Pot lets you fill your fountain pen:

  1. Anywhere, anytime
  2. To capacity
  3. With no ink touching the grip section
  4. By utilizing 100% of the ink inside the ink pot
  5. Conveniently, safely, cleanly

No more travelling with glass ink bottles! No more messy grip section! No more pouring ink from a half used bottle into another! Actually, more than a "travelling" ink pot, the '97 Travelling Ink Pot is sure to become your preferred method of filling your fountain pen at home or in your office, as well as when travelling. The Visconti Travelling Ink Pot has been tested on most fountain pens which are currently available. Considering the enormous number of models available we advise you to always carry out a test-fill using water before using the ink pot. ATTENTION: Antique or older pens which use a rubber holder, a lever or a push button for filling can not be filled using this ink pot.