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Antique Ivory

A few years ago two large antique ivory tusks were offered to Visconti from one of its dealers. Each was more than 1 meter in length and over 20 kilos in weight.
This material was purchased during the second world war with accompanying records clearly demonstrating its origin.
In accordance with present international regulations and under the control of Cites authority, Visconti received authorization to use this material.
After careful investigation and tests the first pens were produced and one piece was donated to Pen World Magazine for their 10th anniversary.
The main problem is that ivory can be easily stained by ink and can break if exposed to heat or humidity. These problems were resolved by applying a fine coating on the ivory and by working on its tolerance. We are proud to say that we have produced the most collectible pen in the world made out of diamonds, gold, ivory, or simply gold and ivory like ancient Greek statues.
Those lucky enough to own such masterpieces will surely see their pens increase in value in the coming years.
Visconti has used most of its stock for the "Taj Mahal" and some small pieces for the "Leopardi".