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Special: Taj Mahal

Silver or gold filigree is one of the oldest Italian goldsmithery arts. This art, passed on from father to son, is a part of Italian culture.
Unfortunately due to the very high costs of such technique and to the fact that it is totally handmade, only few experts are left Italy.
Visconti is proud to have designed and produced, together with one of this great craftsman, the first and unique handmade filigree fountain pen: the "Taj Mahal".

Production process


1. Drops of silver, or gold, are melted and wires of the required sizes are made.


2. With the help of a simple round piece of wood, a needle and the ability of the hands the silver wire is bent into the required shape: a flower, the frame, the decorations.


3. Frame (perimeter) is ready and is assembled with the internal main decorations, in this case flowers.


4. Using a special silver powder, the main frame is welded.


5. Main frame is now filled with smaller decorations which must be first hand-bent from wires. The size (diameter) of decorations is normally smaller than the main-frame.


6. The plate is ready ! Now it is necessary to roll, by hammering the plate over a solid steel rod. After welding the seem a test is made on the pen to check the final work. Over 30 hours of work are necessary to complete one plate.