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Converter fountain pens

Instructions for filling your cartridge-converter fountain pens with the Vsconti portable ink well
To practice filling your pen, it is recommended that you try the following operation once or twice with water.


  1. Remove the stopper, pulling gently
  2. Fill the ink well with the dropper, taking care not to stain the seal
  3. Do not overfill!! The correct level is about 1 cm (1/4 inch) below the seal
  4. Unscrew the barrel of the pen and empty the converter by resting the section on the ink well
  5. Press the section in into the ink well (the section must secure the seal)
  6. Upturn the ink well and the pen
  7. Fill the converter by turning the knob
  8. Turn the ink well
  9. Screw the pen back into the section and remove it by pulling gently
  10. Immediately replace the stopper back in the ink well
  11. Carefully dry the nib and the filler
  12. Inside the stopper there is a piece of cotton wool in case of emergency. Lift the stopper with a coin.