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Power filler

  1. From the back end of the barrel, unscrew the blind cap
  2. Pull the rod all the way out stopping when you meet resistance
  3. Submerge the nib into the ink until the front end of the section is covered
  4. Depress the plunger downward with one single stroke
  5. Count to ten (allowing the pen to fill) and then remove from the ink
  6. Screw the blind cap back into the barrel end
  7. Before writing, carefully:
    1. bolt the feed (underside of the nib) dry with a soft cotton cloth or tissue to remove excess ink and then
    2. bolt the equivalent of seven drops of ink from the nib by wiping the nib surface against a cotton cloth or tissue with seven strokes. This is very important to insure proper ink flow and eliminate overflow immediately after filling;
  8. To release ink from pen repeat points 1, 2, 4 and 6, taking care not to immerge the nib in ink
  9. For proper maintenance, once a month fill and flush three to five times with distilled or spring water (cool or room temperature, never hot)
  10. For optimal performance, use Visconti inks (or any other washable fountain pen ink). You should lubricate the rod periodically with a clear silicone spray or liquid as needed (at least once a year)..